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Every single one of the Broadway boys in AKB's summer videos is an insufferable poser.

Now, he's a bit twee for me. We're a few posts away from needing a another new Broadway sex thread. Please make me a lesbian 2. Gossip away, but don't be boring. Kyle dean massey nude. I've seen NPH's peen; it's nice sized. Conversion therapy survivor forced to wear rock-filled backpack to feel the burden of being gay. R -- I suppose I'm revealing my ignorance by asking this, but who is Scott Bixby? It should be in permanent rotation because nobody seems to remember.

What long running show is he going to end up in next time? So, I guess Matt Doyle has already moved on. With a slighly plumper bubble butt he'd be perfect. Somebody not in the business, r Also, any new pics of him to post?

Sometimes life leads people in very different directions. They make a better couple, in appearance, anyway. Sexy nude curvy. As crude as r is, he is percent correct. That West guy is creepy looking. And I'll bet he never makes your throat sore. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to. I'm just glad he bottomed. R it's Andy Karl, but it's all mine bitches.

Dat's some good eatin' A record company is on the property, but he wants to open another used car lot. Really cause according to his Wikepdia, he grew "up in Arkansas Charlie looked facially cute, but his great ass and legs didn't look especially thick or curvy.

Did some hot sex go down at the Beautiful opening night party? Once that happens, actors often abandon Broadway. Bump for Broadway sex! I know plenty of people who make K in NYC and think they're well-paid. R, try reading it again.

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Every single one of the Broadway boys in AKB's summer videos is an insufferable poser. Drunk girl gets fucked. The moment of orgasm was very clear.

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Anything on Adam Perry? I agree that '40s John Raitt was gorgeous. He's barely registered in any film I've seen him in. But it's a common problem, which only lately seems to be getting a bit better and I think it's a prob with mainstream media in general not just soaps--think about any random shirtless guy on TV. Kyle dean massey nude. What about some of the Kinky Boots angels? This is a top? Are there Kazoo shirtless pics? Doyle's photo-booth kiss "good friend" is Evan Todd - in his undies every night at Heathers.

Garett was a Newsie and is currently in Matilda and while I have no first hand experience a good friend of mine has met him on several occasions. All pretty damn fine! So you don't think social media exhibitionism is a generational thing? Did anyone see the scene with Johnathon Groff coming on Looking last night?

Short, tight little beefy boy. He is a cute little twink. Have any male Broadway performers had nude photos pop up online? He certainly is giving a good impression of it r It goes all over. Lesbian birthday greetings. What's next on the bucket list? The other aren't bad, they're just sort meh. The Skivvies is an embarrassment. Andy Mills Sam Cahn: As crude as r is, he is percent correct. Still no Matt Cavenaugh gossip?

She told him on two different occasions she was 18, and pursued him for the second and third encounter. Why are there so few if any Bobby Steggert shirtless pics out there?

Both are straight, right? Wait, so Kyle Dean broke up with Bryan West?

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I've only seen a handful of episodes, but I really enjoy it. If they copulate they will not be paid. I mean, I imagine no one is particularly horny once you've gone a few weeks without food or a shower, but what about on the first night or whatever? Basically, I'm just curious if any of the contestants have ever hooked up.

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