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Posted by Oh dear! Posted by to the last comment 2 yrs ago To the person who wrote all that how do you know his band knows? WTF How could he forgive her for that? Posted by good words 2 yrs ago I agree blatantly obsessed, needs help. Nude boobs of indian. You people are not fans you are just bullies.

And so is reading your Twitlongers Jane! Posted by ha ha 2 yrs ago she followed my blog a couple years back when she had a blogspot page. I agree with the comments about Jo having brains and being talented, not the other c rap.

Posted by she did tweet 2 yrs ago a director guy about texting her though,wonder what the story is there, he seems to know a few famous people. Ian watkins naked. I predicted that her celebrity spunk bucket days were numbered. I expect all the trolls on his fan forum will be suicidal. How could this man I thought I know Turn out to be unjust so cruel? Count 32 involves images and videos of extreme pornography. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam.

Posted by haaaa 3 yrs ago Jo has several replies from ian not only one. Click Here for a sample. Over the span of their career, they have released seven albums and toured with some of the biggest names in metal.

Posted by LOL 3 yrs ago Trust me. Only big tits tube. My god you people are dumb, but its probably jo and troll writing about themselves. Posted by I wish Jo 2 yrs ago would use her real name, she intrigues me. Trust me, they all know, his lawyers are very good and have kept quite a few people quiet about his sick secrets.

Time for them to be put down like the animals they clearly are. I've never heard anyone say "lolz" or "lulz" unironically on Reddit for years. What a sad excuse for a girl! Posted by jesus 3 yrs ago you guys are just sick. Prison is supposed to rehabilitate you and prevent you doing it again.

Its not really something you can bring up straight away after having no contact for so long I wouldve thought. Problem is he believes his own hype and even more sad is that a few girls believe some of that hype too. The reason she is talked about on here is all her own doing. I think the scariest part is how blase he was about what he did. I work for a state Attorney General.

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Any website pertaining to him was having cryptic comments alluding to his recent charges. Nude mallu pic. Posted by man the harpoons 3 yrs ago the whale has been defeated. Regardless, your point stands: She also has a younger half-sister, Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof.

Posted by jesus 3 yrs ago you guys are just sick. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Getting others blamed for trolling scores a perfect 10 on the trollometer! Do you want certain old members to return too? I'd be willing to bet large amounts of money that there are plenty of fans who will go on defending him, even after his admission and conviction.

Though I bet Ian would love jail and the cred that goes with it…. Posted by trust me the band do know 2 yrs ago That Ian is a paedo, they all know believe me. Sweet chi-e-i-e-ild of my-eeee-i—ee-ine!! And in defence, kt has been with that guy she lives with for like half a year and ddoesnt tweet abouut ian. Ian watkins naked. You said the truth will come out but hes got away with it for this long how much longer before he caught. Raquel big tits. Nick in a tub. Posted by Illiterate anon 3 yrs ago Sounds like German is her first language not English.

Dont have nightmares jo, rose west will be wating for you. What do you mean he doesnt want to see me because i got the rozzers on him. Normally I would say I hope there's not a hell, for his sake, but right now I won't. The world can do without tweeters of Talmudic and oto darkness, black masonry, the truth is found in the center. Lots of schoolgirl costumes and role-playing. I dont see your mug on the made in hell website.

Judas you really need to pick up a book when you visit the temple library. Read the whole fucking thing. In one exchange, WalesOnline reported, he wanted to impregnate a woman so he could molest the newborn. Sinn sage lesbian sex videos. Almost all of their music videos seem to be full of really young girls too, I mean check out the two below for example. Her porn interview video has been mailed to authorities and the press.

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Posted by most 3 yrs ago most of these girls know about ians reputation and still go with him so their not so innocent as they want you to think.

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They include 45 atlevel 4 and 2 at level 5. I remember seeing someone comment this on the last post when he was convicted, but The Court of Appeal confirmed this week that an application was lodged two days ago. Milf teacher masturbating. He has a weird want for a little girl. Posted by most 3 yrs ago most of these girls know about ians reputation and still go with him so their not so innocent as they want you to think.

Thank you for bringing it into my life. Naked indian sex pic I am also pleased to have found this site. Ian watkins naked. Bugger off you commoner, we dont have riff raff like you at our tea parties, only the posh knicker dropping birds are allowed.

And these two women and how many others? Ian Watkins must have balls so big, he carries them around in a wheelbarrow. But not stuff on this site. Peaches died in mysterious circumstances. Posted by good 3 yrs ago Good about time ian came to he senses about Jo. Peaches Geldof died of a heroine OD yet no drug paraphernalia was found.

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